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We operate the Center for children ages 2-6 (pre-Kindergarten). Children must be at least 2 years old before they are eligible for enrollment, as we are not licensed to take any child prior to their 2nd birthday.

Due to changes in enrollment with times of the year, as well as possible influx of one age group over another, we may have a split 2&3 room, 3&4 room, etc. In any case, we will always have the appropriate number of staff to cover the classroom enrollment. For example, there will always be at least one adult for every 10 two year olds, one adult for every 15 three year olds, etc., following the ratio guidelines set by the county.

No child will be admitted to the Center unless the records required by our governing agency are on file. You will receive the paperwork to be completed and returned prior to your child's enrollment; please ask the Director if you have any questions about these forms. We also offer the state-funded VPK class for 4-5 year old children. Please ask the Director about eligibilty for
these programs.

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Tuition Rates

Tuition amounts are subject to change at the discretion of the center, with sufficient notice to you.

Without Church Member Discount

Attending Monthly Bi-Weekly
5 full days $650 $325
3 full days $550 $275
2 full days $440 $220
3 half days $440 $220
5 half days $540 $270
VPK beginning 9/2017 $450 $225

With Church Discount - MUST attend 2 services/month

Attending Monthly Bi-Weekly
5 full days $630 $315
3 full days $530 $265
2 full days $420 $210
3 half days $420 $210
5 half days $520 $260
VPK beginning 9/2017 $430 $215

Hortin Center does participate in the state-funded VPK program for 4 year old children. Please ask the center for more information.

Any family that enrolls more than one child will have tuition decreased by $5 per week for each additional child.
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Registration/Supply Fee

This fee is $170 annually, split into two $85 installments. A new enrollee would pay $85 at the time of enrollment, and then every April 1st and October 1st thereafter. This fee is used for the child's school supplies, consumable art materials, snack foods, insurance, special events, and management of paperwork.

The fee for members of this church is reduced by $10 each installment.

The registration fee will hold a new enrollee's space for no more than one month, at which time that space will be offered to the next child on the waiting list. This fee is NOT REIMBURSABLE, so enrollment should be taken very seriously. (Exception: If the center chooses to discontinue your enrollment during the probationary period, a prorated fee may be reimbursed.)

Payment Reminders

  • There is no tuition reimbursement for days missed for illness, vacation, holidays, etc., within your child's first year here. After one full year of enrollment, you will receive one free week of tuition to be used for vacation, etc. (Effective on 1/1/03 if here a full year.)

  • You will receive tuition reimbursement if you give at least a two week notice of cancellation and if your tuition has been paid in advance.

  • A $10 late charge will be incurred if tuition is more than two days late. An additional $5 will be charged for each subsequent day that tuition is late. After one week of late payment, we will assume you wish to terminate enrollment, we'll contact you, and we will open up the space for another child on the waitlist. If you wish to re-enroll your child, you will need to pay another Registration/Supply Fee, and you will have to wait for the next available classroom vacancy.

  • Payment may be made with cash or check only. Checks should be made out to HORTIN CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, or we can stamp it when you bring it in.

  • Returned checks will incur a charge of $20. You will need to repay the amount of the check plus the $20 charge in cash. If there is more than one returned check, all subsequent payments will have to be made in cash only.
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Payment Reminders
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